Rinse Kit

Rinse Kit or The Spray Box…. which is right for you?

We have been getting this question a lot lately so we compared the two products. The Rinse Kit and The Spray Box are similar in many ways but completely different in others. Terms such as freshwater wash-down system, mobile water supply, freshwater sprayer, portable freshwater shower and 12v pressure washer are often used to describe these products.

The Rinse Kit and Spray Box are both freshwater wash down systems that can be used to rinse, clean, or cool off with when a conventional water source is unavailable. These products work great for the outdoors enthusiast that’s looking for a convenient way to clean off their gear or themselves after spending a long day doing whatever it is they love outdoors. Fishing, hunting, camping and surfing are just a few examples of markets using these products on a regular basis.

So what are some of the differences between the Rinse Kit and The Spray Box? Lets start off by talking about the Rinse Kit. The Rinse kit is a portable sprayer that holds up to 2 gallons of freshwater and provides up to four minutes of continuous spray. It’s portable and doesn’t rely on an electric water pump to pressurize the water. So how does it work? The Rinse Kit is pressurized and filled using the water pressure from a standard water spigot. The pressurized water coming out of the Rinse Kit is equal to the pressurized water going in. The best way to describe this action is to think of the pressurizing device inside the Rinse Kit as a water balloon or water bladder that holds up to two gallons of water. The water bladder is pressurized and filled when connected to a water spigot. When the spray nozzle is opened freshwater is expelled from the water bladder. The first 30 seconds of spray is very impressive. After that the water continues to flow but the water flow rate decrease rapidly from a high-pressure jet stream to a gentle running shower. The two-gallon water supply is depleted around the three to four-minute mark depending on the spray nozzle setting. This is plenty of water for some, but not enough for others. It all really depends on how you plan on using it. The Rinse kit has a retail price of around $89,

It’s now time to talk about The Spray Box. The Spray Box is a commercial grade freshwater sprayer that is being used in both commercial and recreational markets. Some examples of The Spray Box’s commercial customers are Washington State Department of Agriculture, Florida Wildlife Commission, Florida Department of Transportation, and Attack One Fire Services. The Spray Box is designed to be used and abused on a daily basis in a commercial work environment.

Its roto-molded water-tank and pump compartment is virtually indestructible, it holds 10 gallons of water and provides 12 to 20 minutes of continuous spray at 100 PSI, depending on the spray nozzle setting. This more than enough water to thoroughly rinse off a large boat trailer, fishing gear, yourself and several friends after a long day on the water. The commercial grade water pump is powered from a standard 12v battery. The water flow rate from The Spray Box’s spray nozzle is a consistent 100-PSI until the water reservoir is empty. This is possible because an electric water pump is used instead of a water bladder. The term “You get what you pay for” holds true when purchasing a Spray Box. They start out at $379, but will last a lifetime with little to no maintenance,

So which product is right for you? Well that all depends on how you plan on using it. Start by asking yourself the following questions. Is four minutes of water enough to rinse off all your gear, yourself, family and friends? Do you prefer something portable that needs to be refilled on a regular basis? Fluctuating water pressure from high to low is not a problem? If you answered yes to all of the above then a Rinse Kit is right for you. If you and answered no to any of the above…please free to send us an email or give us a call to see which model Spray Box is right for you!!!!



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