Product Specs.

Roto-Molded Housing-  The Spray Box is manufactured using a rotational molding process. This is the same manufacturing process Yeti Cooler uses to produce their high-end coolers.  In other words The Spray Box is built to last! The water reservoir holds 10 gallons with the ability to add a secondary tank through its Drain/Expansion port. 

Diaphragm Pump- (100 psi) The heart of The Spray Box is its water pump. Without it The Spray box will not function. Knowing this we decided to go with a high-quality pump versus a cheaper alternative. This comes at a higher price but keeps us out of the repair business.  Pump Specifications

Coil Hose Assembly We spared no expense when deciding on which brand coil hose to use. Our Team of engineers unanimously agreed on the Freelin-Wade, Flexcoil hose.  It is constructed of commercial grade, kink resistant polyethylene. This hose is a perfect fit for a high-quality product! The hose comes in lengths of 12 & 25 feet. Hose Specifiactions

Ruggedized Spray Nozzle- The Spray nozzle is commercial grade. It has a custom spray tip designed specifically for high pressure/ low volume flow allowing the water supply to be conserved without affecting the water pressure (100 psi).

 Universal Mounting- The Spray Box is designed to fit most of the pick-up trucks on the road today*. It’s also designed to be mounted on either the passenger or drivers side of the truck.  Mounting on the driver’s side is the recommend location, but a passenger side mount will work just as well.

*There are a few smaller trucks the Spray box will not fit in. Please see The Spray Box outside dimensions diagram  to make this determination. In certain situations, Minor modifications to the mounting brackets may be required.

 12v Power Source -   The Spray Box is connected directly to the truck’s 12v battery using the included wiring harness.  An inline fuse is included on the wiring harness kit. The fuse MUST BE connected to the positive side of the battery terminal.  Failure to do so could result in an electrical fire.

 Drain/Expansion Port- Located on both the right and left side of the box is the drain/expansion port.  This port allows the user to add a secondary water tank to The Spray Box. This is a great feature for the customer that occasionally wants to carry more than 10 gallons of freshwater.



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