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 The Spray Box Interface…..what is it?


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Do you own a small boat, UTV, SUV,  pickup truck, lawn trailer or horse trailer? Have you ever thought about adding a high-pressure freshwater wash-down system to it?  If you have then the Spray Box Interface,  which is a 12v power washer might be right for you.

The Spray Box Interface is basically a miniature electric pressure washer or power washer that can be mounted almost anywhere and on anything. All that is required is a 12v power source.  The Spray Box Interface provides a convenient source of onboard, high-pressure freshwater that can be used to rinse, wash, clean, or cool off with when a conventional water source is unavailable.

UTV owners are a new segment of the market that have recently discovered our products.  If you happen to own a Polaris Ranger, Kawasaki Mule, Rhino, RZR, etc. and are looking onboard water for UTVfor a source of onboard high-pressure fresh water, check out The Spray Box Interface.

The Interface module measures 11L”X9W”X4H”. It houses the 100 psi  Aquatec diaphragm pump, a toggle switch, and the quick connect hose connectors. The hose connectors allow it to be connected to a water tank, which can be mounted in a separate location on the vehicle or utility trailer.  This feature makes the Interface module much more versatile than our Spray Box Truck Mount model, which is a freshwater wash-down system designed specifically for pickup trucks.

The water tanks that connect to the Spray Box Interface can range in size from 1 gallon to 200 gallons. Between 5 and 10 gallons is what we recommend, but the customer makes this decision. The Spray Box Interface kit does not include the water reservoir.  We do have connectors to make the connection between the two, but each tank is unique so you will need to call in and speak with one of our customer service reps to determine exactly what you will need

Custom water reservoirs are another option to consider.  A lot of our customers like to convert high-end coolers such as Yeti, Grizzle, Orca, K2, Engle, etc. into water reservoirs. All you do is connect  inlet hose that we provide to the drain plug connection on the cooler. The Cooler acts as the water reservoir and water is drawn from the drain plug. What’s neat about this set-up is you cooler servers two purposes. It can still used as a cooler to keep your drinks cold, and the melted ice water can now be used to rinse clean or cool off with!  Options are also available to modify the Igloo beverage coolers in the same manner.

Please give us a call if you would like to learn more about this great new product 850-558-5888

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