12v Freshwater shower  12v portable freshwater sprayer  Pick up truck wash-down system

The Spray Box is a commercial grade, high pressure fresh-water washdown system that mounts in the bed of a pickup truck. It’s used to rinse, clean, or cool off with when a conventional water source is unavailable. The Spray Box’s universal design allows it to fit on both full and mid size trucks, all makes and models. The Spray Box has a water capacity of 10 gallons. It uses a high quality diaphragm pump to pressurize the water to over 100 PSI. When filled to capacity The Spray Box provides between 13-20 minutes of continuous spray, dependent on the spray nozzle setting. The Spray Box connects directly to your pickup trucks 12v battery for power. Each Spray Box ordered includes all mounting hardware, a wiring harness and instructions on how to install it. Watch the video  below to see it in action!

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